Privatize the restaurant

You need a place to celebrate your birthday parties, weddings or any other events? We can offer partly/entirely restaurant privatization service. Just call us at +331 43 40 72 46 and we’ll make all necessary arrangements to host your events and make them unforgettable.

Group booking

Our restaurant can offer groups bookings and privatize part or total of the restaurant for your convenience. We can also arrange take-aways for your group so you can enjoy our delicious food wherever you want. Feel free to reach out to us at +331 43 40 72 46 and we’ll come back to you soon for further details.

Take away

You want to enjoy our delicious food elsewhere? At home, with friends or else? We can arrange take aways for you to come and pick whatever you want. Ensure to communicate JODHPUR code while ordering your food to get 10% off.